BEC Headquarters Transformation Project
Nexus of Sustainability

The purpose of the “BEC Headquarters Transformation – Nexus of Sustainability” project is to transform our BEC Headquarters not only into a hyper green building with BEAM Plus Platinum rating, but also an iconic environmental education centre in the region for showcasing, advocating and promoting low carbon economy as well as engaging and educating the community in green and sustainable living. 

The transformed building will house an inspiring exhibition hall, a 200-seating auditorium, a resource centre cum library and classrooms which together will provide outstanding facilities to cater for exhibitions, events, trainings and other activities for promoting low carbon living. In addition, the office areas will be transformed into green offices to accommodate BEC and our partners including the Hong Kong Green Building Council and the BEAM Society.

Nexus of Sustainability
Hong Kong currently has over 40,000 existing buildings which are consuming some 89% of the electricity. The majority of these buildings are expected to continue to be in use in 2050, and hence improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings will significantly help reduce
Hong Kong’s carbon footprint. To promote energy efficiency of existing buildings requires substantial efforts in raising the awareness and inducing behavioral changes of the building owners, managers and occupants.

To help promoting energy efficiency of buildings and to emerge the community in adopting green and sustainable living, BEC is undertaking an important initiative – “BEC Headquarters Transformation – Nexus of Sustainability”.

Commencement of Phase 1
BEC Headquarters Transformation Project will be implemented by phases. The first phase of the Project will focus on energy saving features including:

  • Upgrade the existing chiller to an oil-free air-cooled chiller
  • Replace BEC office’s T8 florescent light tubes to LED light tubes, and upgrade the lighting control system
  • Install a rain water collection system to collect rain water for irrigation
  • Introduce smart metering for electrical systems
  • Install a weather system and integrate with building management system to optimise energy consumption

After completing works in Phase 1, BEC Headquarters will:

  • Improve energy performance to a level 29% better than the benchmark of the 2012 Building Energy Code of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of HKSAR Government
  • Reduce in fresh water consumption of 10%
  • Implement Green Lease with BEC tenants
  • Be a showcase of upgrading an existing commercial building to BEAM Plus Platinum Rating
  • Obtain ISO 14001 environmental management standard
  • Achieve Good class of Indoor Air Quality certification

Phase 1 Project Timeline

In October 2013, the works of the first phase formally commenced with BEC’s Council Member Schneider Electric being engaged in the upgrading of one of the existing air cooled chillers of the building into an oil-free air-cooled chiller. By upgrading with this new chiller, energy usage of the air-conditioning system of the building could be reduced up to 30%.